Prayers for Peacemakers 6 January 2021 Iraqi Kurdistan


Today we pray that the new year brings the changes that CPT's partners in Iraqi Kurdistan desire and hope for so much: life without the threat of bombardment and freedom without fear to stand up against oppression. 

The coming of a new year gives us a fresh opportunity to dream and imagine what our world could look like without the ever-present oppression and such diverse manifestations of violence.   

Let's envision together the lives of Kurdish and Assyrian farmers and shepherds without Turkish drones, bombs and military bases. 

Let's imagine the joy of Sherwan Sherwani's family, the Badinan Prisoners' families, and the families of all others imprisoned for speaking the truth and organizing for civil rights when they welcome their loved ones home.

What will we feel and become when our world transforms to embrace the diversity of the human family and to live justly and peaceably with all creation? 

As our partners are not giving up, we continue to walk alongside. Thank you for being part of this journey also in 2021.