Prayers for Peacemakers 30 June 2021 Turtle Island Solidarity Network

Over the past two weeks, more than 200 Anishinaabe and other accompanying Water Protectors were arrested simply for being on their own land. Multinational Corporations and the occupying nation-states of Canada and the US continue to inflict violence upon native lands, waterways, and bodies, including in so-called Northern Minnesota at the Line 3 pipeline.

Please pray for:

  • Those who have been arrested, detained and criminalized. Pray for their families and all those traumatized by such experiences.
  • Black, Indigenous, and other poor folks affected by carceral injustice systems and modern day slavery due to colonialism, imperialism, neoliberal capitalism, racism and patriarchy.
  • Pray that the Enbridge Corporation, law enforcement, and private security forces: respect the Treaties, acknowledge harm, and repent from their oppressive ways.
  • Give thanks for Mother Earth and the wombs and bodies who've birthed, nurtured and sustained us. Give thanks for the Water, Mother Earth's bloodlines, veins, arteries, and heartbeat, because Nibi (Water) is Life. #AguaEsVida. #MniWiconi. Give thanks for the Air, the breath of our ecosphere, the presence of the spirit that helps us pollinate new life. Give thanks for Fire, which warms, deconstructs, cleanses, renews, and unites us.

Across Abya Yala, across Turtle Island, may we remember that We are all Treaty People!


Amen. Ase. y Aho