Application for Delegation

  • 1 Current: Application Instructions
  • 2 Personal Information
  • 3 Passport Information
  • 4 Health Information
  • 5 Experience
  • 6 Submit
The Delegation application will take you approximately take 30 mins to complete. Please be prepared with your:
  1. Personal Information
  2. Passport Information
  3. Health Insurance Information
  4. Experience and skills
  5. A brief essay about your experience in: cross cultural work, nonviolent direct action, undoing racism, mediation, or other peacemaking activity. Include thoughts on how you plan to make use of this delegation experience.
You will not be able to save your answers. Please be prepared to complete the application in one sitting.

If you prefer to email us the application, download here.
Are you interested in another delegation besides the one selected?
Are you interested in aother delegation besides the one selected?
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