It’s easy to mobilize your own network to support CPT, by starting a Facebook Fundraiser! If it’s your birthday, Facebook may automatically prompt you to start a fundraiser, and you can choose CPT to receive your friends’ gifts. But you can also create a Facebook Fundraiser any time!

Follow these instructions to start:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. In the “Explore” menu on the side, choose “Fundraisers.”
  3. Click the “Raise Money” button and choose “Nonprofit.”
  4. Search for “Christian Peacemaker Teams” and select the result.
  5. Follow the instructions to choose a target fundraising amount, end date, and title and image for your fundraising campaign.
  6. Now you can invite friends, and share the campaign on your page!

If you want more support creating a Facebook Fundraiser, contact our Outreach Coordinator at