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octubre 1st


15 August
CPTers William Payne and Laura Ciaghi attended a vigil in the Liga neighborhood of Barrancabermeja after a shooting there injured two demobilized paramilitaries, a psychologist working with them, and a passerby.

24 August
CPTers Jenny Dillon, Gerald Paoli, William Payne and John Volkening accompanied a Moonlight Festival for Life (Lunada por la Vida) presented by the youth organization, Legion of Affection, in the Castillo neighborhood.  Members of the Legion had requested CPT's accompaniment because they were worried about safety.  They had recently received death threats from a paramilitary group, but had committed themselves to continuing their work with youth and setting up festivals in each of Barrancabermeja's economically poorest communities.  CPTers Dillon, Paoli, Michele Braley and Nils Dybvig accompanied another Moonlight Festival put on by the Legion on 27 August.