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HEBRON UPDATE: 8-15 March 2008

Saturday 08 March
Some of the schools in Hebron were open, to make up for a day lost earlier in the year because of heavy snowfall. In the old city, Al Fayha’a was open. The head-teacher of Al Ibrahimiyye School told CPTers he would not open the school for fear of attacks on the Palestinian children from settler children, which often happen on Saturdays.

Members of the delegation joined the team for school patrol. When Benvie, Frederick, and one of the delegates were on Shuhada Street, a young settler boy approached them. As the boy stepped towards the male delegate, Frederick stepped in the way (hoping that the boy would be reluctant to touch a woman.) The boy paused for a moment, and then kicked Frederick in the leg. An Israeli soldier stood close by and watched. Benvie repeated to the soldier that the boy kicked Frederick. The soldier ignored her and smiled at the boy, who went to stand beside the soldier, saying “Shabbat Shalom.” The boy picked up a stone and threw it towards Benvie, who was able to move out of the way. The soldier did nothing.


Tuesday 11 March

The delegation, along with Arbour, Fallon, Roe, and Wendeln went to the Israeli settlement of Efrat to sit shiva (pay their respects after a death, in the Jewish tradition) with a Jewish woman whose son Palestinian militants had killed in a Jerusalem Yeshiva on 6 March 2008. The woman has often welcomed CPT delegations to her house.