Archive - jul 29, 2009

Prayers for Peacemakers, Wed., Jul. 29, 2009


Pray for the upcoming meeting of the tripartite commission (Iraq, Turkey, USA) that they will stop Turkey's bombing of northern Iraq and the injury and displacement of civilians.

Doug Pritchard
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Toronto, Canada

COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: Further intervention on behalf of the Las Pavas families needed

Last week those of us working on the Colombia team sent an urgent action request regarding the families of Las Pavas who were displaced from their land.  Thank you for your swift response.  Within four days, we received fifty letters, which we shared with the community of Las Pavas.  The community leaders, grateful for this expression of international solidarity, said that these letters “fortify us more than eating a lunch” (and lunch is the principal meal of the day here).  We have also shared your letters with the Human Rights representatives of the U.S. and Canadian embassies, who expressed their concern and a commitment to follow up on the situation.  Please continue to send letters of concern about this displacement; updated details about how to do so are below.