My weekend

Thought I would introduce my team mates.  Paulette Schroeder is a Franciscan sister and our team coordinator.  She's been putting a lot of energy into making our apartments more homey for us and for the At-Tuwani team when they come up for days off. ( One of the tacit missions of the Al-Khaliil team is providing hospitality to the At-Tuwani team who live under more rugged and less private conditions than we do.  Paulette says she always knows when the At-Tuwani have done laundry because the runoff from the washing machine is brown.)  She has also been a yoga instructor, so I'm taking advantage and getting some lessons. She made pear and raisin upside down cake for supper on top of the stove.  That's pretty resourcefu.

John Funk is a CPT reservist who has worked a lot in First Nations communities.  He also taught sociology for years and gathered many stories from Mennonite displaced persons after the war.  He is overly-wary of Mennonite Brethren.  John has normally worked on the At-Tuwani team, but with Hebron being so short-handed, he's doing his stint here this time.

Ryan Schiffer is freshly out of the July training, and plans to work in At-Tuwani eventually, but we're enjoying having him here. 

Drew Herbert  just walked through the door 20 minutes ago.  My most salient impression of him is that he has brought only a backpack--and didn't check it.  Also he is really tall and got pulled aside when he entered the country.  We're waiting to here his story at supper time.

I'm enjoying all of my teammates.

This weekend, Ryan I went out on Saturday to visit one of the new settlement outposts--essentially a shipping container  with windows cut out.  It's presence says a lot about the seriousness of the Netanyahu government regarding the settlement freeze.  I felt keenly my lack of Arabic.  We're going out next Saturday with a friend who will translate.

Since we're workin on Sunday now, we have to take turns going to church.  That's going to be difficult for me.  I've always found going to the Lutheran church in Jerusalem helps work out the emotional toxins I accumulate during the week here.  But the At-Tuwani team doesn't get Sundays off, and children go to school here on Sundays, so I understand why the team had to make that change.  It's just going to be difficult.  We and two Tuwani team members did have an Advent service and lit two candles on the Advent wreath Paulette made, which helped.

Just got a call from Hisham Sharabati; I'm going to spend the night with his family tomorrow.  He doesn't know yet that I dedicated my book, As Resident Aliens: CPT in the West Bank 1995-2005 to him.