The soldier, the little girl and the big green rubber sheep

I missed the perfect photo yesterday, because an ISM volunteer got in my way. 

 We were monitoring the Saturday afternoon settler tour, during which heavily armed soldiers accompany sympathizers of the Hebron settlers through the Old City.  Often in the past, I've seen soldiers make a real effort to periodically move the tour groups to allow the residents of the Old City to pass to their homes, but there's a new Paratroopers brigade in town and they weren't allowing anyone by.

 Anyway, there was this little girl who had obviously gotten a new toy--a big green rubber sheep that she just could not be happier about.   As we and others in the ever increasing bottleneck behind the soldiers inched forward, the soldiers commanded us to stop.  The little girl kept walking past the soldier, under his gun.  Her mother, alarmed, called out to her;she looked back, and then up at the soldier.  Then came the moment I missed.  They made eye contact.  She held up her sheep to him as if to say, "Dude, can't you see I've got his awesome big green rubber sheep?"  And the expression on his face seemed to say, "Damn, what am I supposed to do?  She's got this sheep..."

 I expect my colleague Markie will be weighing in with some more photos of the experience over the next days.

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