HEBRON: Demolitions and Confiscations for 1998

February 8, 1999
1998 Statistics from Abdel Hadi Hantash of the Hebron Land Defense Committee

Settler or Israeli military "Civil Administration" (CA) actions:

30,000 dunams of land were confiscated -- about 2.95 percent of the Hebron
District in 1998 -- by the "Civil Administration," (CA) - the military offices
administering the Occupied Territories. 30,000 dunams is equal to about 7,500
acres or 30 square km. The Hebron District has a total of 1,015 km square.*

78 stop work orders were issued by the CA to Palestinians building homes.

41 home demolition orders were issued to Palestinians by the CA.

48 Palestinian homes were demolished by the CA.

3 frames of Palestinian houses were demolished by the CA.

6 cases of multiple tents burned by the CA.

18 cases of homes being attacked (several homes in some cases) by the CA or by
Jewish settlers.

1 case of a burned Palestinian house.

115 evacuation orders given to Palestinians by CA or IDF to leave land or
houses or both.

6 cases of orders given to Palestinians to destroy terraces by the CA.

9 cases of chemical destruction of Palestinian fields of wheat and other
grains by settlers.

15 new roads were opened through or on Palestinian land by the Israel Defense
Forces (IDF) /CA or settlers.

32 cases of Palestinian land being bulldozed by the IDF/CA or

16 cases of uprooted trees (in one case, more than 200 trees, olives, grapes
and figs, were uprooted in an area of more than 500 dunums or 125 acres) by
settlers or the CA.

18 cases of Palestinian farmers being attacked in their fields by settlers or
the CA/IDF.

5 cases of Palestinian farmers being prevented from working their land by the
IDF or settlers.

10 cases of Palestinian wheat, building materials, or other items being
confiscated by CA.

2 cases of Palestinian goats being confiscated (50 were confiscated in one
case) by CA.

4 cases of Palestinian farmers' land being planted by settlers.

23 cases of Palestinians arrested for defending their land.

Plans to expand 4 quarries (under Israeli control) announced.

5 cases of Arabic or Hebrew newspaper announcements by the CA to expand
settlements across the Green Line [the border
between Israel and the Occupied Territories as set in 1967].

6 cases of settlement expansion

17 cases of settlers erecting new buildings (multiple buildings each case).

7 cases of settlers putting mobile homes on land (multiple mobile homes each

6 cases of Palestinian land being surveyed by settlers.

2 cases of electric poles being destroyed in the city of Hebron by settlers.

Reported by Abdel Hadi Hantash on Palestinian radio and in Palestinian
newspapers the week of January 16, 1999.

*(Figures for area of the Hebron District from "The Status of the Environment
in the West Bank," issued in October 1997 by the Applied Research Institute-