SS: Job Posting

Johns Hopkins University

A post-doctoral position is available at Johns Hopkins University in the
field of surface and interface analysis. Research projects include:

(i) Environmental surface chemistry. Evolution of iron surfaces during
dehalogenation of chlorine-containing alkanes and alkenes. This work is
carried out in collaboration with the Department of Geography and
Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins.

(ii) Polymer surface modification processes. Free-radical reactions with
organic films. The project is designed to elucidate the nature of the
surface chemistry that accompanies plasma-based modification strategies. A
related component of this project involves the measurement of the adhesion
strength between modified polymer surfaces and metal overlayers. As such
this position offers the potential to couple fundamental scientific
understanding to an area of obvious importance within areas as diverse as
the microelectronic and bio-materials fields.

Interested candidates should have experience in one or more of the following:

Surface analytical techniques (XPS, AFM, Surface Infrared Spectroscopy)
UHV-compatible electrochemical cells

For further information interested candidates should contact:

Professor Howard Fairbrother: