October 12, 2000

CPT asks all supporters to remain on special alert over the next few days
for information from our Hebron team. It will be very important to carry
any urgent appeals for prayer and action to our churches THIS SUNDAY.

The Hebron team is in frequent communication with our Chicago office and
reports that they are doing well. They feel that their apartment is in one
of the safest areas possible given that they are surrounded by Israeli
settlements and army bases. They continue day time patrols but report
seeing tracer bullets and hearing artillery fire at night. The Hebron
neighborhoods of Abu Snaina and Al Sheikh have been attacked. Abu Sanina
is located immediately beside H-2, the downtown area of Hebron still under
the control of occupation authorities from Israel. The team plans to issue
a call for prayer and action soon so we encourage everyone to be diligent
about checking e-mail leading up to Sunday.

Thanks to all for your ongoing prayers and questions. Current team members
are: Anita Fast (Vancouver, BC), Andrew Getman (Washington, DC), Bob Holmes
(Toronto, ON), Kathleen Kern (Webster, NY), Natasha Krahn (Waterloo, ON),
and Dianne Roe (Corning, NY).

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