HEBRON UPDATE: December 17-December 31, 2003

January 8, 2003
HEBRON UPDATE: December 17-December 31, 2003

Wednesday December 17, 2003
No curfew

Greg Rollins, David Cockburn, Jerry Levin, and several other internationals
returned to the area of Wadi al-Ghroos, which is under imminent threat of
being annexed by the adjacent Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba. They
documented preparations the Israeli authorities are making to install a
continuation of the existing "annexation fence." (See November 19, 2003
release, "Creeping Annexation Continues in Wadi al-Ghroos.") While in the
valley, they observed dump trucks dropping off loads of rock and stone on a
growing pile of "fill" that is being used to surface the thirty-five foot
wide dirt paths on which Israeli contractors will build the new fences and
which when completed will swallow up an estimated four hundred dunams (one
hundred acres) of Palestinian farmland.

At about 3 pm Levin observed Israeli soldiers in two jeeps on patrol in Bab
iZaweyya detain several young Palestinian men and aorder shoppers out of the
area. After about fifteen minutes, the soldiers let the
men go and left the area.

At about 11 pm Kristin Anderson and Rollins responded to a call for help
from a family living behind the small inner city Israeli settlement of
Avraham Avinu. Family members told them that Israeli soldiers removed the
locks to the door to their home, forbidden them to go to the top floor where
their washroom facilities are located, and harassed them when they moved
from room to room. The said that the soldiers also had pitched a dish of
pudding and a heavy metal object into the courtyard of the house.

Thursday December 18, 2003
No curfew

At about 3 pm Cockburn and Levin came across an Israeli Army jeep in Bab
iZaweyya. Its soldiers were checking the IDs of six young Palestinian men.
When the CPTers started taking pictures, one of the soldiers politely said,
"You can take pictures, but please don't interfere with us." A few minutes
later when a TIPH patrol (Temporary International Presence Hebron) showed
up, soldiers ordered both the CPTers and TIPH to move back fifty yards from
where the detention and ID checking were going on. Not wanting to chance the
soldiers taking reprisals against the detainees, if they did not relocate,
both the CPTers and TIPH moved back. After about twenty-five minutes, the
soldiers released the men and drove off. A half hour later, Diane Janzen and
Maxine Nash observed a similar detention scenario in Bab iZaweyya, which
also ended in less than a half hour.

Friday December 19, 2003
 No curfew

Saturday December 20, 2003
No curfew

Sunday December 21, 2003
No curfew

Monday December 22, 2003
No curfew

Tuesday December 23, 2003
Curfew in Jabal Johar

While on morning school patrol, Levin, Janzen, Anderson, Kennedy, Cockburn,
and a British visitor learned about shooting incident at about 8 pm Monday
night in the special security zone surrounding the Ibrahimi Mosque. A
Palestinian assailant shot at an Israeli Border Police jeep and an Israeli
civilian vehicle, wounding an Israeli Border policeman was wounded in the

CPTers encountered soldiers winding up a search of some homes on Tareq Ibn
Zayed Street, because of its proximity to the attack. Because of their
closeness to the area, all the schools there were ordered closed and
children and teachers on their way to classes were told to go home. To
enforce the order, when teachers and students tried to make it to school and
CPTers tried to escort them past the police to get there, Israeli Border
police shot off some tear rounds of tear gas into the street. The children,
teachers, and CPT then left the area.

Levin, Cockburn, and Nash and several other internationals led by Hebron
Rehabilitation Committee activists went to Kiryat Arba's main entrance to
document and protest the very latest settler land confiscation move there.
(See forthcoming release: "Creeping Annexation Spreading East and West from
Wadi al-Ghroos.") Several Palestinian children participated, holding up
placards protesting the confiscation specifically and the lengthening "wall"
in general. When the kids, showing their posters, posed for pictures
standing in front of the blade of a bulldozer parked across the street,
Kiryat Arba security guards with guns followed by Border Police, local
Israeli police and finally the Israeli Army rushed in and ordered the
children away from the bulldozer. After a short verbal exchange, calm
returned to the area.

Wednesday December 24, 2003
No curfew

The entire team traveled to Bethlehem where they spent the night in order to
participate in services on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem and on Christmas
morning in Jerusalem. As their jitney passed through the checkpoint leading
into Beit Jala a Border policeman said, "You realize you are entering into
Palestinian territory and the State of Israel is no longer responsible for
your safety."

Thursday December 25, 2003
No curfew

Friday December 26, 2003
No curfew

Saturday December 27, 2003
No curfew

Cockburn, Levin, Anderson, and Janzen took part in a protest including other
internationals organized by the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in Old
Shallalah Street. It was called in order to protest the closing off of one
end of the street to Palestinian pedestrian traffic. (See January 1, 2004
release, "Law and Order Israeli Style In Old al-Shalala Street.")

Sunday December 28, 2003
 No curfew

The General Union of Palestinian Women hosted a tour of Hebron by sixty
international women. Anderson spoke to the group about CPT and the general
situation in the Old City. Then Anderson, Janzen, and Bourke Kennedy joined
the group as it marched into the Old City. While leading them in and around
H1 and H2 the Palestinian leader of the group decided to try to take the
group through the Duboyya Street checkpoint into H2. Soldiers refused them

Monday December 29, 2003
 No curfew

In the morning Anderson and Janzen responded to a call from a Palestinian
friend concerning the potential for trouble at Hebron University where
Islamic Jihad was holding a nonviolent festival. They were told soldiers
were circling the area in jeeps. When the CPTers arrived, the jeeps had
already departed. The festival went on without incident.

Also in the morning, a Palestinian farmer fr