HEBRON UPDATE: February 10-20, 2004

February 26, 2004
HEBRON UPDATE: February 10-20, 2004

Tuesday February 10, 2004
 No Curfew

One of CPT's Palestinian neighbors who has a small poultry business, asked
Art Gish to help get one of his chickens back. The bird had strayed through
the fence outside the CPT apartment that blocks Palestinian and CPT access
to the settlers-only Shuhada Street. It could be seen strutting about on the
other side of the street. Despite the prohibition about being on Shuhada
Street, Gish, without hesitating, crawled through a small jagged opening in
the fence, crossed the street, chased the
chicken for a bit and caught it. Tucking it under his arm, Gish crawled
back through the opening, and returned the
chicken to its relieved owner.

Wednesday February 11, 2004
No Curfew

At mid-morning a 4.5 to 5 Richter scale earthquake centered in the Dead Sea
region shook the Middle East for about five seconds. No damage was reported
anywhere, although many people fled to the streets immediately. Some
buildings were ordered evacuated, because of warnings that there could be
another tremor. Following the quake, Gish, Jerry Levin, and Dianne Roe,
encountered several Palestinians in the streets who pointed to the sky,
indicating that Allah was the source of the shaking ground and not some
Israeli Army demolition team.

Roe and Barbara Martens visited the family of a Palestinian artist who
several years ago lost his identification card.
Since the Israelis won't give him a new one, he has literally been a
prisoner in Hebron, unable to go visit any place
where he must pass through an Israeli checkpoint.

Thursday February 12, 2004
No Curfew

Friday February 13, 2004
No Curfew

Gish and Mark Frey walked to the Beqa'a Valley where they found that in two
days time the new "annexation" fence and road along which it is being built
in the valley near the east entrance of Kiryat Arba had been completed, even
though the case protesting its route is pending in the Israeli courts. In
less than a month's time, the entire south end of the valley below Kiryat
Arba was confiscated by Kiryat Arba settlers.

Saturday February 14, 2004
No Curfew

Cal Carpenter and Diane Janzen went to Jabel Johar on patrol, where settlers
had been disruptive in the past on Shabbat.
They encountered many Israeli Army jeeps also on patrol in the area. They
saw settlers, accompanied by soldiers, walking down from Kiryat Arba through
Palestinian fields in the valley beneath the settlement. As a settler passed
Palestinianboys watching from the road leading down from Kiryat Arba to the
Ibrahimi Mosque, the soldier accompanying the settler shouted at the boys to
go home. But the boys stayed. When the settler started to walk toward the
boys, the soldier grabbed the settler by his jacket and pushed him away.

Sunday February 15, 2004
No Curfew

Monday February 16, 2004
No Curfew

During dinner, a racket involving loud speakers, singing, and shouting was
heard coming from Shuhada Street. From the roof of the CPT apartment, Janzen
counted sixteen buses parked in the street. She watched a procession of
Israelis moving up the street in the dark toward Beit Hadassah. From the
window in his room on the second floor, Levin could see many of the Israelis
singing, dancing, and chattering to each other exuberantly as they moved
along. At about 11pm the buses drove off.

Tuesday February 16, 2004
No Curfew

A Palestinian boy came to the CPT apartment to report that there was trouble
at the Duboyya checkpoint. Carpenter investigated and learned that the
checkpoint had been closed briefly after a knife had reportedly been found
in a high school girl's handbag.

Wednesday February 17, 2004
No Curfew

Levin and Carpenter led a tour group, which included the Rev. Colin Chapman,
author of _Whose Promised Land_ to the Beqa 'a Valley so that it could view
first hand the effects of land confiscation around Kiryat Arba in the area
just below the settlement and in Wadi al Ghroos. When they arrived, they
could see four Asian immigrant workmen down in the valley repairing a
section of the new fence. Levin led the group through the opening, across
the valley to the main bypass road
between Kiryat Arba and Harsina. His intention was to cross the road, walk
across the land also currently being
confiscated in Wadi al Ghroos in order to get back to Hebron.

But when they reached the road, two Israeli border police jeeps, a couple of
settler security cars, and a white Israeli
Military Civil Administration jeep converged on the group, telling them that
they did not have permission to be where they were. Levin said he had walked
across Wadi al Ghroos at that point several times and never had been denied

A border policeperson said, "You cannot go there. See the army barracks
(which was about fifty yards up the Wadi Al
Ghroos side of the road.) If you go there, the soldiers might shoot you."

Soldiers ordered the group to walk up the bypass road to Harsina and leave
the area from there. When they reached the outer limits of Harsina, a
settler security guard car and a military Civil Administration car followed
behind the group until they finally emerged from Harsina via the settlement
road leading into bypass road 60.

Thursday February 19, 2004
No Curfew

Friday February 20, 2004
No Curfew