ARIZONA/SONORA: Participants Needed for a CPT Delegation on the Migrant Trail Walk


31 March 2005

ARIZONA/SONORA: Participants Needed for a CPT Delegation on the Migrant
Trail Walk Delegation Dates: May 26 - June 7, 2005

CPT is calling for participants in a special CPT delegation to southern
Arizona to join the Migrant Trail Walk, a 75-mile trek through the Arizona
desert from Sasabe, Mexico, to Tucson, Arizona, between May 30 and June 5.
The Walk is organized by a coalition of Arizona border groups participating
in the No More Deaths movement, an effort to stop migrant deaths in the
desert and highlight the inadequacies of current UaS immigration and border

US border enforcement policy deliberately channels migrants into the most
deadly, inhospitable areas of the desert. The Migrant Trail Walk
highlights the experience of migrants as they make their way through this
harsh terrain. Last year saw over 230 confirmed migrant deaths. The US
Border Patrol only reports those bodies it finds, and many suspect the death
toll is significantly higher.

CPTer Cliff Kindy, a participant in last summer's Walk, encourages people to
join: "The Migrant Trail Walk is an inspiring gathering of border groups
that is building a campaign of resistance to exclusive US border policies. A
CPT delegation joining the Walk lets us taste the bitter border between the
have and have-nots in an era of global capitalism."

Migrant Trail Walkers will be accompanied at all times by a mobile support
team providing water, food, mobile toilets and medical attention if

Participants arrange their own transportation to Tucson, Arizona. Cost of
the CPT delegation is $350 US, which covers on-ground transportation, food,
simple accommodations, participation in the Walk, and other delegation fees.

Delegation applications are available on CPT's web site at: Contact
for more information or call Doug Pritchard in CPT's Toronto office at