AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 1-18 October 2006

30 October 2006

AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 1-18 October

During this period, the team accompanied shepherds from At-Tuwani and
surrounding villages as they grazed their sheep in the morning. The team
did not need to do school patrol due to the Palestinian teachers' strike.
CPTers on the project during this time were Joel Gulledge, Heidi Schramm and
Diana Zimmerman. CPT has worked jointly with members of Operation Dove
(called "Doves") since the beginning of the Tuwani project.

Sunday 1 October

The people of At-Tuwani worked on building a mosque to replace the village
mosque destroyed by the Israeli army in 1987. Gulledge, Schramm and
Zimmerman took turns observing the work on the mosque. The work proceeded
without disruption.

Tuesday 3 October

A friend of the team from the Palestinian village of Susiya reported that
Israeli police entered the village and arrested a man. The police would not
give a reason for the arrest.

Friday 6 October

A procession of seven Israeli army jeeps drove through the village during
the afternoon. An Israeli army humvee drove through the village at midnight
but did not stop.

Sunday 8 October 2006

The team monitored continuing work on the mosque. A friend told the team
that the village wants to have the roof finished by Lailat al-Qadar (Night
of Power). This night marks the anniversary of the first night the Prophet
Mohammed began receiving revelations from God through the angel Gabriel.
The night is usually one of the last odd-numbered nights of Ramadan. On the
Night of Power, many Muslims pray all night at a mosque.

In the evening, the team shared the Iftar (evening meal that breaks the
day's fast) with four families from At-Tuwani.

Tuesday 10 October 2006

Schramm and a Dove monitored the pouring of concrete for the roof of the
mosque. The Israeli army did not interfere with the day's work.

Thursday 12 October

Zimmerman and several Doves ate Iftar in the village of Susiya. They
visited with the man who was beaten by Israeli settlers on 18 September
2006. He said that the settler youth from the Israeli settlement of Susya
continue to harass him and his family.

Monday 16 October

In the late afternoon, Zimmerman received a call telling the team that
soldiers were harassing people close to the Israeli bypass road, Route 317.
Schramm and Zimmerman walked down toward the road. As they crested the hill
and saw the army jeep, the soldiers got into the vehicle and left. The two
remained with the men until they finished working in the field.

The team learned that the Israeli Defense Minister, Amir Peretz again stated
that the military would begin dismantling the illegal outposts in the West
Bank. One of the outposts on the list is Havot Ma'on on Hill 833, adjacent
to Tuwani.

Some Palestinians fear that the military will also destroy Palestinian
houses at the same time in order to appear "fair."

Wednesday 18 October

Schramm and a Dove traveled to the Palestinian village of Susiya to
videotape an Israeli settler using a tractor to work on Palestinian land.
The tractor left soon after the internationals arrived.

In the afternoon Schramm and a Dove, along with a team translator, visited
some families in the Palestinian village of Ma'in. Israeli soldiers had
occupied their houses for the previous thirty-six hours. The soldiers
shattered the windows and lights of a car and damaged some doors inside a
house with the butts of their rifles. They also broke the light outside of
another house and occupied it for one night.

In the village of Birki, the soldiers entered another house shortly after
midnight. They destroyed several windows and beat a woman, who required
medical attention. Due to the Palestinian civil strike, the public hospital
was closed, and she had to pay a large sum of money to be treated at the
private hospital in the town of Yatta. The soldiers also broke glass in
neighboring cars and houses.