HEBRON POEM: Anne in Hebron

29 August 2007
HEBRON POEM: Anne in Hebron

by Yorifumi Yaguchi

[Note: Yaguchi is an internationally-known Japanese poet, professor and
editor as well as a Mennonite pastor and peace activist.]


Sister Anne, a 78 year old American nun,
Short and slim like a straw,
Began living in Hebron as a CPT worker
To pour a bucket of water on the age-old fire of violence.

When she heard that Yusef's house
Would be demolished today
By the Israeli army,
She ran to the spot,

Stood in front of the huge
Approaching bulldozer alone,
And, lifting both arms high,
Shouted, "Stop!"

Not far away
Rachael Corrie, an American student, recently
Stood in front of a demolishing monster,
lifted her arms, and shouted, but was run over.

But this time the machine stopped
Just in front of her.
"Get away!" the young soldier bared his teeth,
but at the sight of her grandmotherly face,

he abruptly shut his mouth...
Both looked at each other,
And finally the soldier, his face drooping,
Turned the iron horse and drove away.