CHICAGO/TORONTO: Call for Expressions of Interest and Nominations for Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Canada Administrative Coo

26 September 2008
CHICAGO/TORONTO: Call for Expressions of Interest and Nominations for Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Canada Administrative Coordinator

CPT has an immediate opening for a full-time person to oversee all administrative aspects of the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Canada. The Canada Administrative Coordinator also shares with the Canada Programme Coordinator the responsibility for all of CPT's work in Canada.

Responsibilities and needed qualities, experiences and skills are listed in the job description following. Compensation is a subsistence stipend based on need. The work location is in the downtown Toronto CPT office.

Persons with the required experience and skills who have not been members of CPT are welcome to apply. See for background about CPT. If chosen as the most promising applicant, such an individual will be invited to participate in a CPT delegation and month-long training and discernment process prior to finalizing appointment to this position.

CPT is engaged in the process of deepening organizational-wide commitment and action to undo racism and is working towards becoming a more diverse community.  As with every Support Team position, factors other than job-specific skills and experience may be taken into account to meet these goals. Members of indigenous or racialized groups are encouraged to apply.

Contact Doug Pritchard, CPT CoDirector (Programme), at with expressions of interest, and nominations by Oct. 25, 2008.  He will respond with application materials. The search will be extended if a candidate with the required qualifications is not found.

CPT encourages you to share this message widely and to pray for God's work through this appointment process.



This is a full-time position to oversee all administrative aspects of Christian Peacemaker Teams work in Canada. The incumbent is a member of the CPT Support Team and shares responsibility for overall CPT work in Canada with the Canada Programme Coordinator.


1.  Oversee financial and administrative work in Canada. The work itself may be done through one or more workers or volunteers. (30 hrs/wk)
  • ensure adequate accounting systems for recording income and expenses    
  • supervise the preparation of financial reports, budgets and balance sheets    
  • arrange timely recording of donation information and sending of thank-you letters    
  • arrange timely payment of stipends, reimbursements, and bills    
  • track and report on fund-raising by CPT full-timers, reservists and delegates    
  • maintain CPT supporter database in concert with CPT Chicago office, and maintain Canada interest e-mail list    
  • lead fund-raising efforts for CPT in Canada    
  • arrange monitoring and responses to inquiries to CPT Canada and requests for speakers    
  • organize regular mailings to CPT donors and supporters    
  • arrange travel and check-ins for Canadian delegates and others as needed    
  • animate and develop regional groups in Canada    
  • develop and maintain adequate Canada office computer and phone systems, files, displays, media list, equipment, etc.    
  • provide logistical support for field projects as requested, e.g. equipment, funds, etc.    
  • ensure compliance with agreed legal requirements and the administrative relationships with Mennonite Church Canada

2. Together with the Canada Programme Coordinator (5 hrs/wk)
  • strengthen organizational structure, and administrative and financial supports   
  • develop an undoing oppression identity for CPT Canada   
  • maintain personal, supportive relationships with Canadian CPTers and delegates, including preparation for assignments and debriefing   
  • engage Canadian churches in Gospel peacemaking through visits to gatherings for worship, development of worship and advocacy materials, liaison with church staff, etc.   
  • develop effective advocacy and communications strategies for the Canadian public and governments   
  • recruit for and help organize regular CPT trainings in Canada

3. Participate in Support Team work, which involves caring for the whole "web" of CPT and the connections among all the projects and constituencies through weekly Support Team conference calls, special projects, retreats, and attending at least one Steering Committee meeting each year (5 hrs/wk).

This job is a full-time position with the general expectation of 40 hours per week.  The normal working hours of CPT are flexible but demanding.  Weekend work and evening work will be frequent.  Work  hours will be expanded considerably during times of crisis or onsite visits.  Time off should be negotiated after such intense events are completed. Compensation is a subsistence stipend based on need. The appointment will be for a period of three years.

Needed Qualities, Experience, and Skills:
(as demonstrated either in CPT work and/or through other references)

  •  deep grounding in Christian faith, rooted in a worshiping community
  •  commitment to the biblical and historic Christian understanding of peacemaking
  •  familiarity with CPT's sponsoring denominations and agencies, or a willingness to grow in this area

  •  experience and/or willingness to participate in CPT work and actions in settings of lethal intergroup conflict
  •  firm commitment to the practice of peacemaking through nonviolent direct action
  •  experience in, and commitment to, dismantling racism and other oppressions

Team Member

  • Proven interpersonal and cross-cultural skills; ability to listen and share with sensitivity, tact, humour, and humility
  • Proven success in building and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships
  •  ability to appropriately navigate needs for both openness and confidentiality
  •  ability to take initiative and engage in good teamwork
  • communication skills including writing, public speaking, and maintaining relationships with people in many locations, using ever-evolving communications technology
  • awareness of self-care needs and ability to set limits in a demanding work environment

Position specific
  • English fluency essential. Fluency in French is desirable as well
  • familiar with history and politics of Canada and legally able to work in Canada
  • proven administrative skills, including the ability to organize and prioritize competing demands, while attending to the details of finances, databases, scheduling, travel arrangements, fund-raising and office systems
  • ability to recruit, motivate and supervise office volunteers
  •  experience with strategic planning processes.


Accountable to the Co-Director (Programme) through weekly check-ins and a regular review every 18 months.