COLOMBIA: Apply now to join May delegation in solidarity with Colombian miners!

27 February 2010
COLOMBIA: Apply now to join May delegation in solidarity with Colombian miners!

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) invites you to travel to Colombia from 12-25 May 2010 to visit an inspiring association of artisan miners and small farmers that is confronting human rights abuses committed by the Colombian military and a multinational gold corporation.  The Federation of Miners and Farmers of Southern Bolivar represents thousands of people that are struggling to survive in the beautiful San Lucas mountain range.  The AngloGold Ashanti mining corporation is seeking to mine for gold on more than 3 million acres (1.3 million hectares) of land in the region.  The Colombian military and their paramilitary allies have threatened and killed civilians opposed to the corporate takeover of their land.  The delegation will also meet with social justice activists in Bogotá and Barrancabermeja (where the CPT team has been based since 2001). 
“The situation in our region is very difficult right now and the presence of this delegation will strengthen us as we continue forward with our struggle,” said the Federation president.  “We look forward to meeting you in May.”
CPT-Colombia accompanies communities and organizations that are struggling non-violently to create peace with justice, and to resist economic violence and imperialism.  

For more information or to apply, contact Christian Peacemaker Teams, PO Box 6508, Chicago, Illinois 60680, USA; phone +1-773-376-0550; fax +1-773-376-0549; e-mail delegations(at)cpt(.)org, or see  PLEASE APPLY BY 1 APRIL 2010. 
A delegation for Colombian nationals is scheduled for 27 March-April 3; other international delegations to Colombia are scheduled for 14-27 July and  15-28 September 2010.
Claire Evans
Delegation Coordinator
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