Workshops and Trainings

Does your community have a hunger for nonviolence, justice and social transformation? Build your skills and resources with a CPT Taster Training!

Taster Trainings are tailored for groups seeking to deepen their commitment to nonviolent social change. They grow out of CPT's expertise in building partnerships to transform violence and oppression, and provide a sample of the skills and tools needed to build a movement of people taking action for peace.  

Engage your group in the practical, hands-on work of peacemaking!

In the words of past training participants:
“Heavy and intense but SO important.”
“SO FREAKING GREAT!  Learned a whole new skill set to teach back home.”
“I can’t praise it enough!”

Training Topics

  • Biblical and spiritual basis for active nonviolence
  • What is nonviolence? 
  • Basic and advanced nonviolence skills
  • Bystander intervention. 
  • Organizing strategic nonviolent campaigns
  • Undoing oppressions:anti-racism, anti-heterosexism, anti-cissexism, anti-sexism, anti-colonialism and undoing oppressions in communications
  •  Creative action scenario development
  • Tactics for facing physical violence (as part of a group or action)
  • Facilitation, consensus decision-making, and group organization


Our training methods are based on direct education as developed by George Lakey and Training for Change.  This method is rooted in popular education concepts of solidarity, empowerment, and equality.  We seek to root all learning in the reflection of common experience, making it interactive and hands-on while engaging multiple intelligences and learning styles. We embrace difference and diversity in a group-centered environment while encouraging individual ownership of learning, always being responsive to changing group needs.

Participant Capacity

The ideal size for a CPT workshop or training is around 25 participants. At a maximum, we can work with groups as large as 100.

Generally, we ask for a minimum of 10 people in a workshop or training.  With fewer than 10 participants, there is usually not enough synergy for generative discussions or group exercises.


Mini (1-2 hours): $250 + trainer room, board, and travel
Half Day (3-4 hours): $500 + trainer room, board, and travel
Full Day (5-6 hours): $1,000 + trainer room, board, and travel
Multi Day: contact us to discuss options!

*We never want money to be what holds people back from engaging with nonviolence or CPT!  Let us know if finances are an issue; we want to work with you.

For more information:

Contact Program Director, Milena Rincón at for information.