IRAQ / KURDISTAN: Hardan Collective Village

The collective village of Hardan is made up of 450 families from thirteen villages internally displaced by bombing. Hardan collective formed in December 1995 after Turkish bombings forced villagers to move. During the first two years people lived in tents. In 1997 each family received six hundred concrete blocks and ten bags of cement with which to build their houses. Turkish attacks subsided between 2003 and 2007, during which bridges and roads were rebuilt in 2004, allowing people to return to their homes to plant and rebuild. In February 2008, however, Turkey resumed bombing in the village areas and destroyed five bridges. People depended on these bridges to visit other villages as well as to bring their crops and animals to market. Hardan collective awaits the day they can safely return to their original homes.

CPT’s Work: CPT accompanies communities like Hardan, documenting their experience, and advocating with decision-makers for a cease to state-sponsored violence and bombing.