HEBRON: Easter at the Al-Altrash's

HEBRON: Easter at the Al-Atrash's
April 14, 1998

Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Hebron were joined by ten
friends for an afternoon Easter service on the hillside at the "resurrected"
home of Yussef and Zuhoor Al-Atrash whose house had been bulldozed by
Israeli soldiers on March 3. CPTers kept an around-the-clock vigil with the
family who experienced threats from nearby settlers as they rebuilt their home.

As worshippers climbed the hill toward the house, CPTer Kathy Kern called
down, "The Lord is Risen!" "The Lord is Risen indeed!" came the reply.
After greeting the family and admiring the newly installed plumbing, the
group gathered below the olive grove for worship.

The service began with each person bringing a piece of the rubble from the
demolished home to the circle. With chunks of concrete in hand, CPTer Dianne
Roe spoke of the stone that would have blocked the women who wanted to
anoint Christ's body. Dianne read from "Say to this Mountain"(Myers et al):
the anguished question, "Who will roll away this stone?" is answered in
"the perfect tense and the passive voice -- the grammar of divine action."
After time for reflection and a few hymns, one of the visitors shared a song
she had written and dedicated to the Al-Atrash family, the CPTeam in Hebron
and her friend Jessica Erickson, "For showing me the meaning of tenacity,
courage and Christ Jesus."

Part of the song said:
"If these stones could cry out, the sky would drown in sorrow;
Tainted ground from the blood of the butt of a soldier's rifle.
The seeking sought empty doors when they forced the tenants to weeping.
Buried stones from their home echo whispers to anyone who'll hear."

"Perhaps I never understood what you meant when you told me to follow.
I ask you now if you will please take this cup from me.
My strength weakens, footsteps fail on the path to your glory,
Yet I know you are here now, may your will be done in me."

"Why did you ask me? Why can't you take me?
Why won't you let me run away from it all?
Why did you bring me here?
How do I make sense of it all?"
- Sara Kay Larson