November 14, 1998
Hebron: "Only Five Minutes "

The CPT apartment is located in the chicken area of the Old city market.
During curfew, the owners of the shops are often forbidden to feed and give
water to the chickens. Many of the chickens die from starvation. Parts of H-2
(the 20% of Hebron still under Israeli control), including the old city of
Hebron, are under curfew again.

At 8:45 a.m., on Saturday morning, an older Palestinian shopkeeper attempted
to open his shop in order to feed and give water to his chickens. It appeared
that a nearby soldier was going to let him into the shop, but the soldier
across the street yelled "NO!"

The first soldier then ordered the man to return to his house. Meanwhile,
six settler boys (about 9 years old) stopped and made gestures behind the
Palestinian's back as if they were going to pull the kaffiyya (traditional
headdress) off his head. The settler boys then yelled at the shopkeeper
"Leave! get out of here!"

At this point, CPTer Sara Reschly asked the soldier to tell the children to
go away. The
soldier refused and said "Maybe I want them here."

Sara inquired, "Why would you want them here? They are taunting this man."

The soldier replied, "Maybe I'm bored." An older settler man who was passing
by came over and told the young boys to leave. The boys refused.

The Palestinian man explained to Sara that he only needed five minutes in the
shop to feed his chickens. Sara explained this to the soldier, who replied,
"He is not supposed to be here. What do you want from me? I'm just a

Sara said, "You're also a person. "

The soldier answered, "Yes, I'm a person, but I have my orders."

Sara said, "Would you treat your grandfather this way? Isn't there someone
you can call? Really, he only needs five minutes." A few minutes later, a
walking patrol of six soldiers arrived. The captain of that patrol called and
received permission to allow the shopkeeper to feed his chickens. The
chickens fed, the shopkeeper went home. The settler children continued on
their way.

The Israeli military imposed curfew Friday afternoon because an un-detonated
grenade was thrown at a soldier checkpoint in Aaron Gross Square, at the end
of Shuhada street. The Israeli bomb squad arrived and safely blew up the
grenade. No one was hurt.

As a form of collective punishment, the Israeli military then imposed curfew
on the majority of the 30,000 Palestinians living in H-2.