Christian Peacemaker Team, Colorado (CPT-CO), holds monthly meetings, which include updates on CPT activities, prayer and spiritual reflection, planning for future peacemaking activities, refreshments, and fellowship.  Members serve on CPT teams in Asubpeeschoseewagong, Colombia, Iraq, and Palestine. Activities on the local scene include:

  • demonstrations ranging from violent toys to anti-war rallies to Citizen's Weapons Inspections
  • surveying area toy stores with results being shared with the managers,
  • interpreting CPT to area churches and meetings and to the larger community and the media, CPT fund-raising activities,
  • joining community peace watch efforts during times of expected student violence,
  • assisting with training of students and neighborhood residents in being a violence-reduction presence in times of potential violence.
  • training for being part of CPT Reserve Corps in 1997 was led by various CPT staff who traveled to Boulder, Colorado, for weekend sessions.

For more information, contact Gretchen Williams at 303-245-0015,