CPT Europe is an emerging structure of organized CPT work in Europe.    

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Current Focus

Thousands of refugees have died along European Union borders in recent years. Miles of barbed wire and militarized border controls are forcing migrants seeking safety in Europe to take the most dangerous routes — crossing the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy or the narrow straits between Greece and Turkey. Those who make it face racism, violence, institutional incompetence and, frequently, confinement or deportation.

The systematic closure and militarization of Europe’s borders with its neighbors contrast sharply with the European Union’s rhetoric of democracy and universal human rights.

CPTers in Europe are responding to this crisis. After a preparatory visit in February 2014 (pictures | report), in April 2014 an exploratory delegation travelled to the Greek-Turkish border. The delegtion met with refugees, civil society organizations and activists to build relationships and develop an understanding of the situation.

As a consequence, the Convergence (annual gathering) of CPT Europe decided to begin a project with a local partner in the city of Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece, the "Village of All Together". The initial project ran for three months in 2014 and in 2015. Since 2016 the project has been expanded. 

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