Northern Indiana

CPT Northern Indiana (CPTNI) is a small community of Christian peacemakers gathered from the northern Indiana and southern Michigan area. The group of about twenty people, ranges in age from 18 to 70+. They meet monthly to eat, refresh their spirits, and plan the nonviolent revolution. They have done work on peace issues in their area ranging from immigrant rights to war taxes to militarism. If you're interested in joining them, call 574-642-3963 or email  for directions and the next scheduled meeting.

CPTNI is a sponsor of a nonviolent campaign to End the Production of DU Weapons that works through education, creative nonviolent action, legislation, and media. The campaign has a direct focus to end production of DU weapons at major facilities in the US - Alliant Ballistic Laboratory in Rocket City, WV, and AeroJet in Jonesbough, TN. CPT delegations to Virginia and Tennesee meet with people impacted by these weapons, including veterans, hospital administrators and plant employees, and organize and carry out a nonviolent public witness challenging the production of DU munitions.