Team Building

"Teams" is our last name.  CPT training covers skills and practices needed to fuction as healthy teams in conflict situations.  Topics include:
  • Consensus decision-making
  • Leadership skills
  • Work styles
  • Team roles
  • Communication skills
TB - Consensus Decisionmaking.pdf28.79 KB
TB - Formal Consensus.pdf114.38 KB
TB - GroupDynamics.pdf44.62 KB
TB - Taking & Supporting Leadership.pdf38.56 KB
TB - Team Coordination.pdf51.78 KB
TB - Dimensions.PDF191.34 KB
TB - Hot tips.pdf38.62 KB
TB - Managing Excess.pdf48 KB
TB - Role Clarification Process.pdf32.22 KB
TB - Role Clarification Worksheet.pdf37.04 KB
TB - Speaking-listening skills.pdf28.66 KB