Worship & Spirituality

CPT is grounded in Christian faith, and our teams regularly worship and pray togther.  CPT training introduces various spiritual disciplines and worship practices.  For a selection of worship services used during training, click here.

WS - By What Authority.pdf143.34 KB
WS - Centering Prayer.pdf57.28 KB
WS - Faith, Education, Action.pdf134.17 KB
WS - Fasting.pdf54.82 KB
WS - Inclusive Language.pdf33.98 KB
WS - Leading Worship.pdf33.16 KB
WS - Lord's Prayer - Aramaic.pdf16.64 KB
WS - One Day.pdf63.21 KB
WS - Prayer & Temperament.pdf48.24 KB
WS - Privilege and Resistance.pdf61.09 KB
WS - Silence.pdf32.87 KB
WS - Spirituality Arcs.PDF790.57 KB