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Christian Peacemaker Teams as an Alternative to "Redemptive Violence"

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by CPTer James Satterwhite
Appears in Peace & Change, Volume 31 Issue 2 Page 222-243, April 2006

This article examines the theoretical assumptions underlying the creation and activity of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). It compares CPT with other, similar initiatives, then explores the way in which CPT developed out of an evolving Mennonite peace theology to represent a significant new embodiment of that theology. The article further examines the way in which CPT is meant to embody a nonviolent way of intervention in conflict situations that undercuts the assumption that violence is the only approach that "works" (the "myth of redemptive violence"). Finally, the question is raised as to what sustains CPT persons engaged in non-violent intervention when often by its very nature such intervention does not bring about immediate, measurable "results."  [MORE]