Prayers for Peacemakers 7 July 2021 Colombia

As of 28 June, Colombia has been on national strike for two months. During this time, we have witnessed the voices of young people who are demanding access to education, the voices of women who denounce the increase in femicides, the voices of workers demanding that their rights be respected, the voices of social leaders demanding a stop to the murders, the voices of the impoverished demanding basic income to help them survive a pandemic that has plunged them further into poverty.

Colombia: Land Ownership, Mother of All Conflicts

The Indigenous peoples, the pre-Hispanic societies that existed in the territory that today is Colombia, did not experience conflicts over private property of the land. Within their cosmogonies or worldviews, mother earth was the origin and sustenance of life in their communities, and as such, land could not be parcelled out or distributed among a group of patrons, masters or lords. The European conquerors introduced into our territory the concept of "private property" of land. They stripped the indigenous peoples of their lands by blood and fire and made them serfs of the new social class of landowners.

The journey that has changed me

CPT's 35-year journey has taken the organization to different parts of the world. This anniversary occasion is a time to celebrate but also to reflect. This is a perfect opportunity for me, a Colombian woman and CPT reservist, to share the learnings and experiences that I have had at the internal and external level while working with the Colombia Team, the farming communities, and partner organizations CPT accompanies in Colombia’s Magdalena Medio region.

Colombian people don't give up, carajo! Resistance carajo!

Since 28 April 2021, Colombia has been on national strike. What started as a one-day strike opposing the tax reform bill is now a nationwide indefinite strike urging the Colombian government to drop two bills that will profoundly affect the future of the Colombians. But most importantly, the people demand the Colombian anti-riot police to stop their ongoing violent repression of the civilian population who are demanding real change. This national strike is the third one for this current unpopular government since President Duque took office in 2018.

Prayers for Peacemakers 14 April 2021 Colombia

There are millions of victims of violence in the world. There are millions of silenced voices in the attempt to defend the truth and demand justice. But we know that those who struggle do not die, they become legacies of love and we honour them when we relive their memory, when we exalt their fight and pass it on as an inheritance for future generations when we water their seeds and take care of the garden.

COLOMBIA: Commemorating milestones

As a society, we celebrate milestones.  Birthdays, anniversaries and graduations result in a party with our family and friends, or a nice meal with the persons we love.  We give gifts to honour the person who is celebrating this special occasion.  Overall it is usually a joyous moment.   On the other hand, some milestones don’t feel as joyous.  These are moments that, as a society, we prefer to call commemorations rather than celebrations—usually tragic events such as an accident, death or worse. 

Prayers for Peacemakers 20 January 2021 Colombia

Today, we want to exalt and honor those who accompany us in our work of accompanying. Those who accompany us in our day-to-day lives and sustain us with love. Perhaps we have not thanked them enough, perhaps because we take them for granted. But the truth is that we have lacked to say with greater vehemence that to achieve our work of accompanying, as a team, we have been equally accompanied and supported by animals.
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