Colombia, the pandemic before the pandemic

Protests marked the last quarter of 2019 throughout several countries in South America. The discontentment took to the streets and promised not to return home until it was heard and attended to. Colombia was no exception. It shares the realities of the region; its people have a long list of demands and many reasons to raise their voices and take to the streets. Why did it take so long for Colombia to protest?

COLOMBIA:Statement by Christian Peacemaker Teams Colombia Regarding the End of the Unilateral Ceasefire by the ELN

Statement by Christian Peacemaker Teams Colombia Regarding the End of the Unilateral Ceasefire by the ELN On 1 April of this year, the National Liberation Army— ELN announced a unilateral ceasefire in response to the great difficulty that Colombia faces today with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPT INTERNATIONAL | Lent 2020: Take Action for Peace

Our #CPTJusticeJourney began at the start of Lent, on February 26th. Since then much has changed as communities across the world respond to the spread of the Coronavirus. While Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) have suspended physical accompaniment across programs, we continue to seek out ways to be present, adapting to online strategies of advocacy and accompaniment in response to our partners’ needs.

Prayers for Peacemakers 1 April 2020 Colombia

We seek prayers for the thousands of women who are living in quarantine with violent abusers. The Colombian government decreed a preventive and obligatory isolation from the 24th of March until the 13th of April for all Colombians as a way to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.  This quarantine raises the risk women who live with abusive partners face. The U.N. issued a warning that violence against women will be on the rise and that those with the authority to do so must take special measures to address this issue.   

Prayers for Peacemakers 1 January 2020

We pray that the victims of systematic violence, as well as their families and communities, may find the truth, peace, restitution and justice they deserve after spending more than 60 years in conflict. We pray for the members of the Congress who have an important task to protect and guarantee the victim's rights and allow the transitional justice to interact with ongoing laws in order to fulfill guarantees for reparation and non-repetition.
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