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COLOMBIA: Commemorating milestones

As a society, we celebrate milestones.  Birthdays, anniversaries and graduations result in a party with our family and friends, or a nice meal with the persons we love.  We give gifts to honour the person who is celebrating this special occasion.  Overall it is usually a joyous moment.   On the other hand, some milestones don’t feel as joyous.  These are moments that, as a society, we prefer to call commemorations rather than celebrations—usually tragic events such as an accident, death or worse. 

CPT INTERNATIONAL: An evolving experiment toward solidarity

Many of the people who joined the first Christian Peacemaker Team trainings in the 1990s came inspired by Ron Sider’s 1984 vision of brave, committed Anabaptist Christians risking their lives to stand between warring parties. They did not realize that the activists, organizers, and those who had served in Mennonite, Brethren, and Friends organizations in North America and overseas had started CPT believing that Sider’s vision would not work.
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