Oraciones por les Constructores de Paz, 26 de Febrero del 2020 Solidaridad con Migrante Egeo

Por favor, oremos por el deterioro de la situación en Lesbos y en las otras islas Griegas. Además de la nueva ley de asilo, que es más estricta y que el gobierno comenzó a implementar en Enero, el gobierno central también está impulsando su plan para construir centros de detención cerrados para migrantes en las islas Griegas; a pesar de las protestas del gobierno regional, los gobiernos locales y las personas Griegas locales.

Prayers for Peacemakers, 26 February 2020  Aegean Migrant Solidarity

Please pray for the deteriorating situation on Lesvos and the other Greek islands.  Apart from the new asylum law, which is stricter and which the government began implementing in January, the central government is also pushing through its plan to build closed detention centers for migrants on the Greek islands, in spite of the regional government, local governments and local Greek people protesting. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: CPT-Lesvos is now Aegean Migrant Solidarity

Christian Peacemaker Teams - Lesvos is now Aegean Migrant Solidarity. The new name reflects the geographical location of our working area. Our work is not limited only to Lesvos Island but also includes other locations such as Chios Island, Athens, and the west coast of Turkey. Aegean Migrant Solidarity demonstrates a reference to the geographical scope of our work.

Lesvos| Fatal fires at Moria camp

In late afternoon Sunday 29 September 2019, two fires broke out around Moria camp. One reportedly started outside the camp, and was put out within minutes. The other happened in the camp, either inside or close to a container, and rapidly escalated. At the time of this writing, 49-year-old Faride Tajik is confirmed to have died, and the number of injured stands at least at 17.
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