IRAQI KURDISTAN: What is it like to be displaced?

Zewka is one example among hundreds of villages in Iraqi Kurdistan that have become casualties of the political tension and greed of their neighboring countries, Turkey and Iran. For the past thirty years, Turkey and Iran’s air and land assaults have led to the death and injury of hundreds of innocent civilians and the displacement of thousands of villagers who live along their borders

Prayers for Peacemakers 25 March 2020 Iraqi Kurdistan

Please pray for all Christian Peacemaker Teams and their partners as they are affected by COVID-19 and government responses to this virus. The teams, including CPT Iraqi Kurdistan, and their partners are living under quarantines in response to COVID-19. Even as this pandemic spreads, state violence and oppression still affect our partners just as they did before Covid-19 appeared in Wuhan, China.

Oraciones para les Constructores de Paz, 12 de Febrero del 2020 Kurdistán Iraquí

Hoy, recordemos en nuestras oraciones las luchas de los pueblos Indígenas para detener la destrucción continua de sus tierras ancestrales en el Kurdistán Iraquí, en la Isla Tortuga, en Palestina y alrededor de todo el mundo. La sed insaciable del mundo por los recursos que las industrias transnacionales y locales buscan satisfacer es más fuerte que el respeto de los gobiernos por los derechos humanos—incluyendo los derechos de los pueblos Indígenas—y los derechos de Pachamama/Madre Tierra. La semana pasada vimos un ejemplo de esta falta de respeto cuando la policía Canadiense, fuertemente militarizada, protegió a una compañía de combustibles fósiles que destruía la tierra de Wet’suwet’en, tal como las compañías petroleras han hecho con las granjas y aldeas Kurdas en Kurdistán.

IRAQI KURDISTAN: "If you are faithful to your people"-Christians in Nahla Valley fear Turkish bombing will end their presence there

One of the members of Kak Ashur’s family told us, “In the past, the Turkish governments bombarded the mountains outside of the village. But now they are bombing near the village, causing great fear and traumatizing the people who live here. During the bombardments children cry and even the animals are scared.”

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Christian Peacemaker Teams statement on U.S./Iranian tensions in Iraq 

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) calls for an immediate end to all U.S. and Iranian military escalations and a deepened commitment to diplomacy in the region. The world has watched as the governments of the United States and The Islamic Republic of Iran teeter on the brink of war as their armed forces launched drone strikes and ballistic missiles at various targets within the borders of Iraq. 

IRAQI KURDISTAN: “What hope is there for us?” Family of an 18-year-old killed in Iranian shelling seeks support to treat their wounded son

Zeitun was 18-years-old when an Iranian artillery bombardment ended her life. “She would have been graduating from a high school science program this year,” Zeitun’s father, Kak Qadr, told CPT.
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