Distant stories, similar pain

When a physical structure is destroyed, the intention is to erase all traces of existence, end life, vanish the truth, stop the fight, and fill with fear to drown out hope.  But in the resistance, you realize the real substance is not in the foundations or the concrete. What held that home together in its essence was the struggles that continue, even if all that’s physically left are the keys in the museums. Like museums, stories are not there to create parallel universes, nor to tell distant and foreign realities; they are made to weave lives together, to connect collective memory in a fight against oblivion. To me, these museums preserve the lived memory, the evidence of strength used to fight, and the permanent effort to inherit the legacies.

Al Mawlid Al Nabawi: The Prophet's Birth

Mawlid Nabawi is an important day for Muslims all over the world as they celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. This day is extra special in Hebron because the city is home to Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, which Muslims consider one of the four most important sites in the Islamic religion. People from different Palestinian cities around the West bank, as well as Muslim tourists from around the world, come to Hebron to celebrate this day and to visit Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the old city. The mosque has been divided into two parts since 1994 after an Israeli settler committed a massacre inside the mosque and Israeli settlers and Jewish visitors have exclusive access to more than half of the site including all of the surrounding gardens. But on this day, the Israeli army allows Palestinians to visit the occupied part of the mosque.

Prayers for Peacemakers 21 October 2020 Palestine

In Hebron H2 and South Hebron Hills, the Israeli government selects specific days and hours when they allow owners to access their lands. This year, due to the lack of coordination between the Palestinian and Israeli governments, many farmers will not have access to their land to report any violations. Also, because of Covid-19 restrictions, local volunteers may be unable to gather with the families to harvest their olives on the selected days. Settler harassment has increased this year, and landowners are worried about the violence that might occur with the lack of protective presence and observers.
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