Prayers for Peacemakers 17 March 2021 Palestine

This week we stand with the 28 Palestinian families who are facing the threat of losing their homes and becoming homeless in the Al-Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem. The Israeli court in occupied Jerusalem ruled to expel seven families from their properties. Four families must leave their homes by 2 May 2021, and three others by August 2021. We pray for justice for these families. We urge the United Nations and the Jordanian government to follow through with their promise to transfer ownership to these refugee families in 1956.

Yes, we are locals

Yes, we are human right observers, and we are locals. In September 2020, CPT Palestine was back to work after months of lockdown and restrictions due to COVID19. But, this time the team was different, for the first time the Palestine team was a team completely made up of locals.

COVID-19 and Palestine's "new normal"

The 1967 Nakba and what followed was a further disaster for the Palestinian people when Israel took control over the West Bank and Gaza Strip. More than 300,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes and a large number displaced outside of the country. The Palestinians who remained not only lived under great oppression but also witnessed the building of Israeli settlements across their land.

Distant stories, similar pain

When a physical structure is destroyed, the intention is to erase all traces of existence, end life, vanish the truth, stop the fight, and fill with fear to drown out hope.  But in the resistance, you realize the real substance is not in the foundations or the concrete. What held that home together in its essence was the struggles that continue, even if all that’s physically left are the keys in the museums. Like museums, stories are not there to create parallel universes, nor to tell distant and foreign realities; they are made to weave lives together, to connect collective memory in a fight against oblivion. To me, these museums preserve the lived memory, the evidence of strength used to fight, and the permanent effort to inherit the legacies.
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