Palestine: The Camera as a Lifeline

The neighbourhood of Tel Rumeida is located in the H-2 zone of Hebron, an area exclusively under Israeli military control.  An Israeli military base lies nearby currently operated by the Israeli Givati brigade. The unit largely serves to provide backup for Israeli settlers who have taken over many Palestinian homes and buildings in the area and consolidated the occupied property into two major settlements. Despite these incursions, 240 Palestinian families remain in the area trying to survive.

PALESTINE: Remembering Rachel Corrie and facing the future

In 2003, when the Hebron team heard that the Israeli military had crushed Rachel Corrie to death with a Caterpillar bulldozer, the news hit all of us hard. Some of us had conducted nonviolence trainings for the first waves of International Solidarity Movement volunteers that had poured into Palestine to address violence of the Second Intifada.  These volunteers had included Corrie, and Tom Hurndall who was shot and later disconnected from life support, as well as Brian Avery, also shot and permanently disfigured.  Most of us had at one time or another stood in front of a bulldozer or had friends who had stood in front of bulldozers in an effort to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home.  Israeli soldiers and police had roughed us up, detained us or arrested us.  Until Corrie died, I don’t think we believed that soldiers would run us, our friends or the Palestinian homeowners over.

Prayers for Peacemakers  20 March 2019   Palestine

Please pray for a quiet day of remembering the martyrs here in Al-Khalil (Hebron) on 24 March, because any time Palestinians gather in prayer Israelis in Hebron perceive it as an act of terror.  Pray that agents of the Occupation allow people to gather, remember their dead, pray together, and depart back to their homes in peace without incident. Shalom, salaam, Godwilling. Amen.  

Prayers for Peacemakers 20 February 2019

Please pray with intention and focus for peace to prevail upon the community in al-Khalil (Hebron) this Friday, February 22nd, 2019. This is the anniversary weekend of the 1994 massacre in the central mosque here. The anniversary is remembered with a demonstration of grief by some, and re-celebrated as a victory by others, therefore the possibility of clashes is increased at this time. May peace prevail. Amen.

Prayers for Peacemakers 5 September 2018 Palestine

The Israeli military destroys and confiscates the tent of a family from Qawawis whose home they demolished. Subscribe to Palestine