Prayers for Peacemakers 22 September 2021 Turtle Island Solidarity Network

This year the Canadian federal government declared 30 September to be the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. This day was previously known as "Orange Shirt Day," a day where we honour the Indigenous children who were killed and those who survived residential schools. While the mainstream media has moved on to other topics, unmarked and mass graves continue to be uncovered across Turtle Island.

Prayers for Peacemakers 8 September 2021 US/Mexico Borderlands

Every day during this time of the year, Rosalinda Sagaste Chavez goes to the garden of the DouglaPrieta Trabajan Women’s Cooperative in Agua Prieta, Sonora, to water the plants, pull weeds, and gather the ripe vegetables.  As the co-op’s director, she leads the women who grow the community garden, cook and serve meals for visitors to the border, and sew shopping bags, aprons, and other items for a business in Tucson, AZ.  During the pandemic, they have sewn thousands of facemasks.

Prayers for Peacemakers 18 August 2021 Colombia

Currently, a war is being waged in the Southern Bolivar region of Colombia. This economic and territorial conflict between the National Liberation Army (ELN), the 37th Front dissident group of the FARC, the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces (AGC), and the Colombian Military’s Joint Task Force Mars has caused a humanitarian crisis for the civilian population living in the region. On 26 July 2021, Oswaldo Pérez—leader of the Mina Piojo community action board—was assassinated, unleashing a forced displacement of approximately 2000 people in the municipalities of Santa Rosa del Sur, Arenal, Morales and Montecristo. 

Prayers for Peacemakers 14 April 2021 Colombia

There are millions of victims of violence in the world. There are millions of silenced voices in the attempt to defend the truth and demand justice. But we know that those who struggle do not die, they become legacies of love and we honour them when we relive their memory, when we exalt their fight and pass it on as an inheritance for future generations when we water their seeds and take care of the garden.
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