Turtle Island Solidarity Network

Prayers for Peacemakers 11 December 2019  Turtle Island

We give thanks for the years of advocacy and relationship-building work of the Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority. We are grateful for the cultural vitality of Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island, who maintain the spiritual and cultural traditions of mutual respect and with Creation and with other nations. With Christian communities around with world celebrating Advent III (Joy), we share our grateful joy at a successful harvest uninterrupted by non-Indigenous protestors.

Prayers for Peacemakers  7 November 2019   Turtle Island

We give thanks for the life of Chief Simon Fobister whose Grassy Narrows community remembered him in a memorial dinner last week.  To the very end of his life, Fobister fought for justice—calling on the Ontario and Federal governments to recognize the damage that mercury poisoning had done to Grassy Narrows demanding they follow through on their promises to clean it out of the waterways and provide treatment for the survivors.  As members of Grassy Narrows continue to feel the effects of mercury poisoning, including Chief Fobister's children, we pray for their healing and for the Canadian government to at last honor its word and build a mercury treatment center.

TURTLE ISLAND:  Let us See Life Defenders

One week after the Global Climate Strike, a week after a million took to the streets in Canada with some 10-12,000 marching in the city of Winnipeg, I’m facilitating a panel conversation on intergenerational activism with four brilliant Indigenous teachers, pray-ers, and warriors.  They are diverse in age (ranging from 63 to 13), from different nations, and carrying various experiences—residential school survivor, community organizer, university prof, and middle school student. And yet all speak with passion for a responsibility to traditional lands and waters. And all speak with deep concern against Settler societies’ ravenous eco-culture of dispossession and placelessness.
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