Call to Action: Protect Colombian Subsistence Farmers of Las Pavas

CPT Chicago Training Group Public Witness

Protect subsistence farmers of  Las Pavas, Colombia from violent aggression by palm oil producer Aportes San Isidro

The Issue

•  The people of Las Pavas are a sustainable farming community in Colombia.  Colombian police and palm oil companies have repeatedly tried to force the community off their land. 

•  Most recently, the palm oil consortium Aportes San Isidro has expanded its operations into Las Pavas land. 

•  The Supreme Court of Colombia has ruled the Las Pavas community cannot be evicted from their lands. The Colombian Institute for Rural Development (INCODER) has ordered that all of the Las Pavas land be titled to the Las Pavas people. 

•  Aportes San Isidro employees have violently harassed Las Pavas families by destroying crops, stealing farm equipment, fire bombing homes and buildings, killing animals, and even threatening to kill people. These threatening actions have increased since the INCODER decision, culminating with a brutal machete attack on a community member.

What can you do? 

•  Contact your the closest Colombian Consul General and urge them to ask their government to uphold Colombian law by issuing the people of Las Pavas the title to their lands and protect-ing them from corporate intimidation

More Information

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“The event was a participatory wonder," said Ted Swartz, describing the first night of the tour last month, "Our show, I’d Like to Buy an Enemy was interspersed with a 'stealth auction,' where an air horn would go off and Tim Reubke and I would don our special hats and auction off handcrafted pies.  It truly felt to us like the beginning of a movement.  A movement around peacemaking, subversive theater and pies."  The first three shows in Lancaster, Philadelphia and Souderton raised over $15,000 for CPT through sales of $140 pies and free will offering.  You can watch a short film of  Pies Promoting Peace on Vimeo.

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Claire_Evans_portrait-color[Note: CPTer Claire Evans died on the morning of 9 February  2012, five weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She spent her last days with her twin sister, Sue, in Lansing, Michigan.]

Claire Evans was not the most public personality in the wider CPT organization, but she was one of its most influential workers.  As the Delegations Coordinator, she was often the first person that people who were interested in exploring involvement with CPT met.  Her handling of finances brought her into contact with all of the full-time CPTers who submitted their expenses to her.  Her commitment to Undoing Oppressions within CPT changed not only how delegations were conducted, but also how support team and all the teams in the field functioned.  CPT Reservist Jerry Stein wrote of her,  â€śShe epitomized for me, as I was entering the CPT world, what a member could be and become…”

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