Africa Great Lakes

About CPT's Africa Great Lakes Project

Through a series of exploration delegations between 2005-2008, CPT connected with human rights organizations, peace groups, civil society leaders and church leaders to gain a better understanding of the conflict in the Great Lakes region -- specifically in the Congo and Uganda.

The Africa Great Lakes CPT project is based in the city of Goma, province of North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ongoing violence has displaced two million people and killed over five million in the past ten years. The goals of this project are to support local nonviolent peace initiatives, to bring international attention to the conflict in the region, and to research economic factors which continue this violence. The team has researched the connections between mineral extraction and the ongoing conflict and has begun exploring the possibility of accompanying villagers to their fields.



Exploration Report

Report from the CPT Exploration in Uganda and the Congo.


In November and December 2007, CPTers returned to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to learn more about the various conflicts in the region, to explore on-going grassroots initiatives for justice and peace, and to look at the potential for supporting such initiatives.


There aren't any events planned in this region at this time.