Unmasking Injustice

CPT’S Work of Documentation

Social media, a tool of advocacy

Documentation can take many forms – like that of a video, sharing about the difficult reality on the ground. It serves to remind those in power that the world is watching and will hold them accountable for their silence.

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For 30 years El Guayabo has farmed the land, raising subsistence crops like corn, beans and plantain. The last year and a half has brought extreme weather conditions; from heavy rains and flooding, which have destroyed crops and the pastures on which their animals feed, to high heat, which has dried up the land, eliminating any possibility to grow food. Unable to sustain themselves, the community faced starvation. Protests and marches were held to demand action from the local government to alleviate the hunger they are suffering – but the mayor’s office failed to respond.

In March, a video campaign was launched by the CPT Colombia team, highlighting the increasingly difficult situation the communities face and the silence of an administration that denies their right to a dignified life through their lack of intervention. The videos came to the attention of the Mayor of Puerto Wilches and the Secretary of Government, who called for a meeting with the team. After providing the Mayor with a copy of all the supporting documents for their complaints, they reached an agreement that the office would follow up on the humanitarian crisis in El Guayabo.

Documenting the Occupation

CPT is an important witness to the brutality of the Israeli occupation. Incidents of human rights violations are documented and compiled into quarterly reports, which are published for our partners like the United Nations and Save The Children, among others, and used to advocate for Palestinian rights. The truth is important — it is the foundation for justice and a first step toward peace.

The Iraq Detainee Report

Building Partnerships to Transform Violence and Oppression

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