Palestine: Semester School Report – August 2022 to January 2023

girls peer into a closed gate

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Over the last two decades, CPT has accompanied students and staff in the H2 area of al Khalil/Hebron on their way to school. The latest data records 21 fully staffed illegal Israeli checkpoints in H2. CPT and another partner organization monitor four of these checkpoints in an attempt to secure safe passage for over 600 students. The Israeli government has closed almost all the entrances to the closed area in H2, leaving the residents with no choice but to pass through the military checkpoints or to take a large detour via the surrounding hills to avoid the blockades.

Palestinian human rights are constantly being violated by the Israeli military and police, particularly while students and teachers go to and from school. In the most recent fall semester, from August 2022 to January 2023, the school compound witnessed increased violence, including using force, as well as child and teacher detention. Also, as several major Jewish holidays took place this fall, this led to increased violence and checkpoints security measures against Palestinians.

In addition, 2022 was the deadliest year for West Bank Palestinians in nearly two decades, which was also reflected in the general situation near the schools. Many demonstrations took place, and the Israeli army responded with excessive force, which affected the education process.

Also, CPT accompanied the families of South Hebron Hills; many villages are now under threat of demolition due to the firing military zone law, which also affected students and the schools in the area.

Access to education is a right for every child. This report will detail the extent to which this right is violated in al Khalil/Hebron H2 and in the South Hebron Hills.

Download the Report

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