Semester School Report: August 2021 – January 2022

The report is a documentation of the restriction of movement and lack of safe access to education for Palestinian children.
Soldiers and children stand in a city street in Palestine

Community Peacemaker Teams Palestine provides regular presence at three Israeli military checkpoints in Hebron/Al Khalil: Qitoun Checkpoint (209), Salaymeh Checkpoint (29), and Mafia Checkpoint, near the Saraya kindergarten. Eleven schools, three kindergartens, and a medical center are located in the old city in proximity to the checkpoints where CPT monitors. The specific violations recorded during this semester include bag searches, teacher ID checks, detention, and the use of force. This report is based on data gathered over the fall semester between 16 August 2021 to 15 January 2022.

CPT mainly monitored two checkpoints, Qitoun (209), and Salaymeh (29), in the morning and afternoon based on the capacity of the team.

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Teachers and students faced many challenges this semester. In a conversation with the principal of the Al Ibrahimi school, he noted that “this year was hard on different levels.”

Israeli checkpoints are the main form of oppression against teachers, students, and human rights observers who are forced to cross them several times per day.

The use of direct force from the Israeli military increased during this semester, especially during the Golani brigade service in Hebron. Based on the data collected during this reporting period, CPT witnessed an increased use of violence against school students and continued violation of the rights of Palestinian children and adults.

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