Becoming a CPTer

Are you interested in serving with CPT? Trained Peacemaker Corps members serve on our teams, building partnerships to transform violence and oppression in situations of lethal conflict around the world.

Read more about Peacemaker Corps membership.

CPT is a Christian-identified organization with multi-faith and spiritually diverse membership. We seek individuals who are capable, responsible and rooted in faith/spirituality to work for peace as members of violence-reduction teams operating in a developed discipline of nonviolence. We are committed to building a Peacemaker Corps that reflects diversity in ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender identity, language, national origin, race and sexual orientation.

You must follow these steps to train as Peacemaker Corps member:

  1. DELEGATION: Join a CPT Delegation as a precursor to Peacemaker Corps membership. No special training is required for participation in a short-term delegation.
  2. APPLICATION: Submit a completed Peacemaker Corps Application to be considered for training. Application forms are accepted throughout the year. Applicants will undergo an interview process and reference check.
  3. TRAINING: Upon successful completion of a delegation, interview and reference check, applicants will be invited to participate in CPT's intensive month-long training program. Training is a continuation of the application process. Mutual discernment between CPT and the trainee regarding acceptance into the Peacemaker Corps occurs at the end of the training period. Training participants are asked to contribute $1000 to cover the month's room and board and training supplies. Participants are also responsible for their travel to and from the training site. Find details about training here.

For further inquiries on service as a Peacemaker Corps member, contact our Personnel Coordinator.