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Peacemaker Corps Training 2020

12 November - 11 December in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan

Application deadline:  15 July, 2020

Candidates for membership in CPT’s Peacemaker Corps participate in an intensive, integrated, month-long training program involving action, reflection, and practice of a variety of peacemaking skills.  CPT conducts Peacemaker Corps trainings for groups of 10-15 qualified candidates once a year.  These trainings are held in different locations around the world.  Candidates cover their round-trip travel and contribute $1000 USD towards the cost of the training (room, board, facilities, supplies, etc.).  Limited financial assistance may be available.


To apply to join the Peacemaker Corps and become a CPTer, you need to have completed a short term CPT delegation. If you have already participated in a delegation, apply by clicking on the Peacemaker Corps Application attachment below, fill it out and send it to the CPT office, or call the CPT office and ask that one be sent to you.

Apply Online
Download the PDF application (fillable form)

Email or send the completed application to the following:

Kryss Chupp, Personnel Coordinator

CPT Chicago office
PO Box 6508
Chicago IL 60680
Tel: +1-773-376-0550
Fax: +1-773-376-0549