Archive - Feb 18, 2008


n Monday, 4 February 2008, several hundred people marched in Toronto as part of an international event billed as "A Million Voices Against the FARC." After discussions with the CPT Colombia team, I decided that I could not in conscience participate in this event. Let me be clear – I deplore the violence perpetrated by the FARC—Colombia's largest guerrilla group. However, the event minimized or completely ignored the broader suffering that has occurred over the fifty-year old conflict in Colombia, and offered a simplified analysis reminiscent of "red scare" propaganda against communism that led only to more violence.

KINGSTON, ON: Ardoch Algonquin spokesperson fined and jailed for trying to prevent uranium mining on Algonquin lands

Kingston Regional Police took Bob Lovelace away from the Kingston, ON courthouse in handcuffs on 15 February 2008 to serve a six-month sentence on a contempt of court charge handed down by Justice Douglas Cunningham. Lovelace, age fifty-nine, is an ex-chief and spokesperson for the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation (AAFN). He is also father to seven children and an instructor at Queen’s University and Sir Sandford Fleming Community College.