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HEBRON UPDATE: 16-31 January 2008

Saturday 19 January
Uhler, Schroeder, and a visiting nonviolence trainer, patrolled along Wadi Al Nasara and spent some time talking with Palestinian children. They observed about thirty teenage Israeli girls gathering in the Wadi. Meanwhile, three Palestinian women and their small children needed to walk down the road, called by the settlers “Worshipper’s Way.” On Shabbat, the Israeli authorities have forbidden Palestinians to use that road, which forces them to walk a somewhat precarious, narrow, dirt path that is parallel to the road.

The girls rushed en masse at the women and CPTers. A general melee ensued with the girls shouting at the group, spitting, pushing, and kicking. By the time Fallon and Wendeln had arrived, a girl had torn off the glasses and hijab (head scarf) of one of the Palestinian women. The assailant broke the glasses and threw them on the ground. Another girl tore off Wendeln’s glasses and threw them on the ground another kicked Fallon, bruising her legs. One girl stole the chip from the CPT visitor’s camera…

Wednesday 23 January

…At dusk, Schroeder, Roe, and Abuata waited for two-and-a-half hours at the Ibrahimi Mosque checkpoint until the military released one Palestinian man. To pass the time away, Abuata suggested Schroeder teach some yoga. As Schroeder taught Abuata and Roe, one soldier did a bit of yoga playfully and said he was now on “the CPT side.” After soldiers released the man, Abuata and Schroeder conversed with the soldiers about the Occupation for about an hour.


Pray for the people of Barrancabermeja, Colombia. Twenty have been assassinated already this year, and a new paramilitary group has issued threats against gay men in the city.
Doug Pritchard
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Toronto, Canada