Come and learn about our partners’ struggle for freedom, for respect for their rights, and for peaceful co-existence between the diverse peoples and communities of Iraqi Kurdistan. Meet human rights defenders, activists for rights of women and minorities, farmers and shepherds who nonviolently resist cross-border bombardments, people displaced by war, and youth dedicated to building alternatives to violence and oppression. Learn about the historic struggle of the resilient and diverse peoples of Kurdistan and their genocides under the Ba’athist regime, as well as the current economic and political crisis, post-ISIS situation, violations of rights and freedoms, and cross-border bombardments by Turkey and Iran.

The delegates will be based in the CPT house in the city of Sulaimani, and will travel extensively around Iraqi Kurdistan to towns and mountain villages where CPT partners live and work. The delegates will engage and participate in the life and activities of the team, including a public action focused on advocacy for team partners.

CPT has had a presence in Iraq since October 2002, first in Baghdad and since November 2006 in Iraqi Kurdistan.

FUNDRAISING EXPECTATION: $1600 USD, which does NOT include flights to and from Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

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