Administrative Team

The Administrative Team, what most organizations call staff, provides administrative and program support for teams in the field.

Field Teams

Field teams do the front-line work of CPT in solidarity with our global partners based in our program sites.  They are made up of both stipended workers (full- and part-time) and Reservists (Peacemaker Corps members who volunteer their time). See here for more information about our programs.

Psychosocial Care

CPT prioritizes care and wellbeing in the work that we do. The Care Coordinator operates in a space apart from from, but in dialogue with, the Administrative and Field Teams.


CPT is sponsored by the following denominations, agencies and groups.  Sponsors are represented on CPT’s Steering Committee (governing body).



Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is CPT’s governing body and functions as a Board of Directors.  It is comprised of representatives from CPT’s Sponsors and Peacemaker Corps, as well as members At-Large.

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