Archive - feb 14, 2008

TORONTO: Call for expressions of interest in and nominations for Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Canada Programme Coordinator

CPT has an immediate opening for a full-time person to provide leadership for our programme work in Canada. The Canada Programme Coordinator also works closely with the Canada Administrative Coordinator in supporting all of CPT's work in Canada.

AT-TUWANI UPDATE: January 2008

Sunday 27 January 2008
In the morning, CPTers Gish and Tarek Abuata accompanied shepherds on Mshaha. Soldiers arrived soon after and told the shepherds they were not allowed to be in that area, because settlers are not safe if Palestinians are anywhere where they can see the outpost.

Abuata and Gish reminded the soldiers that the Israeli High Court has ruled that the army is obliged to uphold the agricultural rights of Palestinians, including their right to graze their flocks. They also reminded the soldiers that the area is Palestinian land and that the shepherds should be allowed to graze on their own land. A soldier quickly responded, "This is Israel." Gish told the soldier that the land is not Israel, that it is Palestinian territory, that even President George Bush recognizes the area is Palestinian territory. Gish then said, “The real reason for not allowing these shepherds to be on their own land is that you are helping the settlers to steal this land. Do you want peace, or do you want to take the land?”

The soldiers ordered everyone to leave, but a shepherd asked to talk to the commander, or someone from the DCO. At 10:50 a.m., a higher-ranking officer came, took one of the shepherds aside, and threatened to kill the sheep if he sees the shepherd in that area again.